Dry Scalp, This Causes and How to Overcome It

Dry and itchy scalp can indeed interfere with appearance and comfort. Not only that, dry scalp can also be a sign of a problem in a person's immune system. Dry scalp can cause scaly patches accompanied by itching. The causes of dry scalp also varies. Starting from eczema, psoriasis, or seborrheic dermatitis. Other factors can also cause dry scalp, such as cold and dry air, contact dermatitis for products for hair, and old age. The condition of the dry scalp should be treated immediately so that it does not get worse, and to overcome them need to know in advance what the cause. Causes and Ways to Overcome Dry Scalp The following are some of the causes and ways to deal with dry scalp that you need to know. Eczema Eczema that occurs on the scalp can make the scalp scaly, and cause annoying itching. Eczema on the scalp generally occurs in children or infants. The cause of eczema is still not clearly known, but is thought to be related to the immune system's response to
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